"It's So Wrong" Season One (2001-2003)

ISW Vol.2 / Episode Guide (S-1)


"It's So Wrong" was a sketch comedy show with the tagline of "sketch comedy at it's worst".


It's So Wrong or "ISW" for short was created by Josh Sonnenburg. Filming took place in Portland, Oregon around early 2001. The last sketch for season one was filmed in Monmouth, IL in 2003.

The first season of It’s So Wrong was a trial season, and very unique. We mostly worked by creating improv and adlibs. We introduced well developed and liked characters. At the same time we pushed the envelope of creativity. Take for example our So Wrong commercial E-coli Burger. The writing is great, it’s short, it’s funny, the acting is great, and the only problem was our amateur camera personnel. She couldn't hold the camera still. (Not all ISW sketches are this shaky).  

We originally only produced three episodes in 2002. We had a full season in 2004, airing our previously broadcast episodes (completely re-edited in somecases), and then airing previously unreleased material. We had a total of six episodes for the first season.

The show was aired monthly on Oregon cable access.

ISW Vol.2 / Episode Guide (S-1)