Feature Scripts

Anything For Money- written by Josh Sonnenburg. When his family has to payback the government by using his college fund, a college senior is forced to do anything for money in order to graduate. (Comedy)


Understudies-written by Josh Sonnenburg. On the run from the mob and the law, two of the worst bank robbers in history disguise themselves as actors in an elementary school play about crime prevention. (Comedy)

Short Films

Gentlemen Caller -written by Josh Sonnenburg. A stranger stands outside of a couple's home wearing a hockey mask. The girlfriends wants her boyfriend to find out "what he wants." (Horror Comedy)


Life Assurance- written by Josh Sonnenburg. Death has a special offer for one unlucky person but it comes with a catch. They must be truthful about their past sins. (Horror)


False Lies (Title In Work)-written by Josh Sonnenburg. A man plays dumb about his wife's extramarital affair. While the wife goes out with her lover he plots his revenge. (Dark Comedy)

Screenplays In Work


The House That Reappeared- written by Josh Sonnenburg. (Horror)

The Briefcase- written by Josh Sonnenburg. (Horror)

Retro Warrior- written by Josh Sonnenburg. (Comedy)