I’ve spent a lot of time as an editor. I started with Sony and progressed through Adobe, Pinnacle, and Final Cut Pro. I prefer Final Cut. The majority of the films and projects of So Wrong Entertainment were edited by me.  Some of my 1990’s films were even edited through VCR deck to deck dubbing. It was a bit of a pain.

Real editing, at least for myself, began in 2001 on my first TV production experiment named, It's So Wrong. It was a sketch comedy and variety show. It aired in Oregon in 2002 and re-aired in 2004. I included a clip of a behind the scenes special on this page. The special focused on editing. It’s fun to see how much editing has changed in the last 8 years. It’s easier now in my opinion, but no matter how much it as changed, the most important thing to me as an editor is being true to the story.


Story comes first.


Josh Sonnenburg



(In The Editing Room) Behind The Scenes Created in the Summer of 2004


Behind The Scenes of ISW


Another clip:

Sunset Blvd Recreation Scene